What we achieved in 2017/18 

We strive to offer the best advice and support to all our service users to help them transform their lives. We routinely collect feedback from beneficiaries on the impact our support has had and to ensure we are offering the services and support they value. 
We collated all feedback from our beneficiaries and we are pleased to report that: 
98% felt their emotional wellbeing had improved 
85% reported an improvement in their self-esteem 
72% felt more secure, independent and autonomous 
90% stated that the service provided had empowered them through greater knowledge and education 
63% reported a reduction in their stress related problems 
100% rated the service as Excellent or Good 
In 2017 we launched a counselling service for women. Below are some of the comments we have received about the impact of the counselling support. 
“I'd been suffering from severe paranoia, unable to trust people and the therapy sessions have been of great help to me. 
I feel safe and I feel I can now open up to someone. I'm learning to build healthy relationships and now I only experience slight paranoia.” 
“Within just 12 sessions, I was able to address the root cause of my depression, anxiety, panic attacks and self-harm which I'd been battling with for years. My therapist taught me some useful exercises during sessions, which have helped me to go forward in my life rather than suffer and be paralysed by the issues. The sessions have enabled positive changes in me as a person and has changed my complete outlook on life. I am now enrolled on a university degree and I aspire to become a doctor.” 
“I was like a zombie, all alone, trapped inside my flat, feeling scared and suicidal. I'd been on anti-depressants for many years. 
Within 3 sessions of therapy, after being taught by my therapist how to deal with the flashbacks of my traumatic past, I feel what true freedom is.” 
We offer an energy, money & debt advice service and during this period we supported 2,089 people, many with complex and multiple issues to achieve the following: 
508 income maximisation checks resulting in an annual increase of £1,761,793 in income 
£15,892 reclaimed due to billing issues on gas and electricity bills 
1,652 people received energy efficiency advice 
132 households were helped to switch gas and electricity tariffs saving them £27,177 per annum 
125 people were supported to manage their debt – a total of £800,000 was managed with £245,000 being written off 
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