Women's Projects 
The following services are offered at 12 Bishop Street, Leicester: 
Domestic Abuse, Honour based Violence and FGM 
Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG) 

Domestic Abuse 

Domestic abuse is when you are controlled, bullied or threatened by your partner or a family member, who wants to gain control over you. 
Most people think of women with a black eye or bruises when they think of domestic abuse, but abuse can also be mental, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial. 
It doesn’t happen to one kind of woman either – women of all classes, ages and backgrounds can suffer abuse. 
The Zinthiya Trust is committed to ending domestic abuse in all its forms, which include: 
Sexual abuse 
Family member abuse 
Honour based violence (HBV) 
Forced marriage 
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 

Signs of Abuse 

People who are being abused may: 

Signs of abuse

How To Get Help 

If you are in imminent danger, ring the police on 999. 
To get help from the Zinthiya Trust for yourself or a client: 
Call 0116254 5168 (Monday to Friday, 9-4.30 pm) or contact our out of hours domestic abuse helpline on 0116 403 3333. 
e-mail: zinthiya.trust@gmail.com 
Alternatively, support out of hours support is also available from the National Domestic Violence Helpline on: 
0808 2000 247 

Domestic Abuse, Honour based Violence and FGM 

We provide specialist one to one support to prevent domestic abuse, honour based violence and FGM. We undertake teaching and courses about healthy relationships and how to recognise the warning signs. 


We offer a mentoring programme supporting women at risk or experiencing/experienced domestic abuse, honour-based violence or FGM. 

Information Advice & Guidance Support 

The Zinthiya Trust supports women in the community who want to know what their options are, and would like a non-judgmental listening ear. 
We can talk to you over the telephone or in a one-to-one meeting in a safe location, such as our offices in Leicester or the Shama Women's Centre. 
We can also put women in contact with other services that can help them. 


The Zinthiya Trust provides counselling to survivors of domestic abuse and those struggling with issues caused by historic abuse. 

Awareness & Talks 

As 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic abuse in the UK, we need to raise awareness on domestic abuse and how to access help and support. 
We are happy to come and give a talk to your club, organisation or church to help understand what domestic abuse is, how to recognise its signs and what to do to support victims. 
For information ring 0116 254 5168 or email zinthiya.trust@gmail.com 
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